Spring Commissioning

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Items we consider important to consider for activating your boat for the upcoming season if they weren't performed at winterization:

  • Bottom paint with antifouling. Antifouling paint on outdrives and running gear. Most paints require reapplication before each season. Wax your hull with tp protect gel coat if desired.

  • Change your primary and secondary fuel filter elements as a matter of course. Chances are there is still life left in them, but that's not a chance you want to take. Again, it's cheap insurance.

  • Check zincs, replace if needed. Prop shaft, rudders, heat exchangers, outdrives, outboards and larger hulls all have these sacrificial anodes.

  • Clean all battery connections and reconnect, check all electrical accessories.

  • Sea trial boat if engine work has been performed to check for proper shifting, engine temperature, charging system, pumps and recommended rpm is reached at full throttle.