Boat Rental FAQs

Can we water ski or tube ?
Sorry our insurance does not allow for the towing of any device. We are currently not aware of any rental company that allows towing.

Do I need a license or experience to rent a boat ?
No license is necessary, however some prior boating experience is helpful. We will rent to first time boaters if they are confident in their ability to navigate and operate the boat. First timers may want to consider our 16' boat as it is smaller and easier to handle.

What will you tell us before we go out ?
After signing you in and completing about 3 minutes of paperwork one of our friendly and highly trained staff will show you and your crew the location of all U.S.C.G. required safety gear on the boat. The operation of the outboard motor. Show you where and how far you are allowed to go, show local charts , explain basic red/green buoy navigation and a basic explanation of the GPS to aid in navigation.

*NOTE: GPS is to be considered an aid to navigation only ,do not attempt to use the GPS/MAP for any purpose requiring precise measurement of direction,distance,location or topography.For safety ,always resolve any discrepancies before continuing navigation.

Do the boats have something to keep us out of the sun ?
Yes,all except our 16' have sun tops which can also be taken down if you love the sun.

Can we fish ?
Absolutely ! Bring your own gear or light tackle and bait are on RTE 28 less than one mile from our docks at RIVERVIEW BAIT & TACKLE. They will also provide local knowledge about tackle and where the fish are. Common local fish are Striped Bass, Blue Fish, Fluke and Sea Bass.

Can we bring our dog ?
Yes, we even have life jackets for small dogs

What are some of the places we can go ?
Depending on the boat you choose and your experience we allow up to 10 miles from the mouth of the Bass River. This puts you in reach of the harbors of Harwichport, Chatham, Hyannis and depending on weather conditions Monomoy Island. Or maybe just a little sightseeing inside the protected 3 miles of The Bass River. Unfortunately the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket are out of the rental range limit.

Is there any place we can go to by boat to eat ?
Yes. The closest to our docks and on The Bass River in the town of Dennis is Sundancers; in Hyannis harbor (approx 1 hour by boat) are Tugboats or also in Hyannis , the most popular is Baxter's Fish & Chips.

Are there beaches we can get to by boat ?
Yes, the closest being "Boater's Beach" which is only 1 mile from our docks at the mouth of The Bass River. On a favorable weather day Monomoy Island can be reached on the west side where you walk approx 100 yards over to one the most beautiful beaches on the Atlantic. (Strict Government regulations apply to Monomoy, please ask) Or in Hyannis Harbor is Egg Island., which is a 1/4 mile long sandbar that is accessible approximately 3 hours each side of low tide. You can also anchor and swim off the boat just about anywhere in the Bass River or Nantucket Sound. Don't worry, no sharks ! . The water temperature in the Bass River ranges from high 60's in late June to through low 80's in early August.

How early should we arrive before we go ?
Morning rentals can arrive anytime after 8:15 AM with an approximate departure of 9 AM, Afternoon rentals should arrive anytime after 12:30 with an approximate 1 PM departure. All day rentals should arrive whenever they want after 8:30 AM. Half day rentals must return by 4:45 PM and ALL Day rentals must return by 4:30 PM. Late charges apply to any time after this.

What should we bring with us ?
Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, water, snacks or lunch, beach towels, camera , cell phone (yes there is cell coverage everywhere on the water).

How much gas will I burn ?
The 16' boat includes fuel. The amount of fuel depends on how far and how fast you go. Example: 3/4 throttle only burns 1/2 the fuel as full throttle ! The average 1/2 day rental ranges from 3 - 10 gallons with a full day use average about 15 gallons. Marine fuel prices are typically slightly higher per gallon than automotive gas. The boats all leave our docks filled each rental and are refilled upon your return.

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